Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Europol announced the arrest of key members of the hacker group InfinityBlack

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According to Europol’s official website, the InfinityBlack hacker group, which often steals certain website databases and sells user information, has been forced to disband.

The main members of the hacking team were arrested between 30 April and 2 May 2019. The hacking team sold as many as 170 million user credentials.

The arrest was initiated by Europol and other countries, such as Poland and Switzerland. Europol said the arrest was a huge success for law enforcement agencies.

The reason is that InfinityBlack is a highly specialized hacking team, and there are even multiple different departments within the team responsible for attacking certain specific businesses.

According to statistics, the hacker team has sold 170 million user account data, and the team also built multiple websites to sell these stolen credentials.Cosmos Bank hacked

In May 2019, Europol teamed up with Polish and Swiss police to arrest some members of the team in Switzerland, when law enforcement agencies obtained a lot of information.

By April 2020, the Swiss police helped Poland successfully track down the remaining Polish hackers of the team, and then Europol joined forces with Poland to arrest these hackers.

Law enforcement agencies also seized multiple electronic devices, multiple external hard drives, and multiple hardware virtual currency wallets of the team, which have been sealed for analysis.

Finally, Europol also cooperated with server vendors and domain name registrars to shut down the data sales website built by the hackers, so that the hacker team was completely destroyed.