Sun. Jun 7th, 2020

Epic Games Store vulnerability let players can play all games without spending money

1 min read

Recently, CCN security researcher Willian Worrall exposed a security flaw in Epic Games Store which players can play without barriers even if they have not purchased the game.

Willian Worrall said that as long as you have purchased an account for a certain game, you can download it on any device and log out of the account of other unpurchased games, without affecting the start of the game and play. No error, and it works perfectly. The researcher tested the vulnerability on multiple devices. As long as the account holding the game logged into the device and installed the game, all users on the device could run the game. In other words, as long as someone is willing to share an account, the player can play any game in Epic without spending money.

This vulnerability may be related to the lack of DRM verification. In fact, this is not the first time Epic has a security breach. After the release of “Borderlands 3”, players found that even if they have already refunded, they can still play without deleting the game files.