Element 2.4.4 release, A Vue.js 2.0 UI Toolkit for Web


Element is a hungry open source A set of Vys 2.0-based component libraries prepared for developers, designers and product managers, providing companion design resources to help you build your website quickly.

Element 2.4.4 has been released and is updated as follows:

  • Fixed triggering Select validation after Form resetting, #11837
  • Fixed wrong position of Input suffix slot when suffix slot with append slot, #11951
  • Fixed clearable Input still displaying the clear icon when readonly, #11967
  • Fixed Tree node checked when it’s disabled, #11847
  • Fixed Tree’s default-checked-keys not working, #11971
  • Fixed empty-text not visible when Tree node filtered, #11971
  • Fixed the position of oversized empty-text in Table, #11965
  • Fixed Table row not be unhighlighted when current-row-key is assigned to null#11866
  • Fixed showing filter dropdown when filters is an empty array, #11864
  • Fixed Radio’s label does not stop event propagation, #11912


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