Element 2.3.5 release, A Vue.js 2.0 UI Toolkit for Web


Element is a hungry open source A set of Vys 2.0-based component libraries prepared for developers, designers and product managers, providing companion design resources to help you build your website quickly.

Element 2.3.5 has been released and is updated as follows:

  • Fixed incorrect highlights in DatePicker panel when type is week, #10712
  • Fixed InputNumber being empty when its initial value is 0, #10714
  • Added automatic-dropdown attribute for Select, #10042 (by @Seebiscuit)
  • Fixed disabled Rate’s value still being updated by navigation keys, #10726 (by @Richard-Choooou)
  • Now DatePicker’s type attribute can be 'dates', where you can pick multiple dates in one picker, #10650 (by @Mini256)
  • Added prev-click and next-click events for Pagination, #10755
  • Added pager-count attribute for Pagination, #10493 (by @chongjohn716)
  • Added type as the 3rd param of Tree’s allow-drop attribute callback, #10792
  • Now we use ResizeObserver to detect DOM element resizing, #10779


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