Elasticsearch 6.0.0 release, distributed search engine

Elasticsearch 6.0.0 has been released, ElasticSearch is a Lucene-based open source, distributed, RESTful search engine. Designed for cloud computing, to achieve real-time search, stable, reliable, fast, easy to install. Support for data indexing via HTTP using JSON.
This version contains some functional improvements and bug fixes, as follows

Making Upgrades Easier

  • No Downtime Upgrades
  • Search Across Multiple Elasticsearch Clusters
  • Migration Assistant

Resilience and Efficiency

  • Faster Restarts and Recoveries with Sequence IDs
  • Major Improvements for Sparsely Populated Fields
  • Faster Query Times with Sorted Indices

Search Scalability

Searches across many shards have been made more scalable by adding:

  • A fast pre-check phase which can immediately exclude any shards that can’t possibly match the query.
  • Batched reduction of results to reduce memory usage on the coordinating node.
  • Limits to the number of shards which are searched in parallel, so that a single query cannot dominate the cluster.

Distributed Watch Execution

X-Pack Watcher used to execute all of its watches on the master node, which limited the number of watches that could be run and added stress to the master node. Distributed watch execution moves watch execution to the nodes that hold the shards of the watcher index so that your watches can scale with your cluster.



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