EK launched PCIe 4.0 GPU vertical bracket

For a long time, EKWB is famous for various water cooling equipment, but recently launched a more alternative product, which is a vertical bracket for graphics cards for PC cases with horizontal bars between PCIe expansion slots, named EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder EVO – Gen4 Riser.

PCIe 4.0 GPU vertical bracket

EK says this is the safest and strongest vertical mounting bracket for the graphics card, as it uses two screw bits from the ATX motherboard for extra fixation, together with the use of thicker materials, it can stand out from similar products in the market. EK has equipped this graphics card vertical mounting bracket with a certified PCIe 4.0 extension cable, passed rigorous testing of AMD Radeon RX 6000 series and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series, and is 100% compatible with PCIe 3.0 standard.

This graphics card vertical mounting bracket is made of 1.5mm thick steel material with a black coating on the surface, which provides sufficient structural strength. It is fixed by two screw positions on the ATX motherboard, which makes the graphics card more stable and eliminates displacement and deformation. If the space of the chassis allows, up to three-slot graphics cards can be installed, and it is compatible with other EK accessories.

In EK’s view, many high-end players will buy graphics cards equipped with water cooling or large air-cooled cooling systems, which will be relatively heavy, so some players will use graphics card brackets to provide support to prevent displacement, sagging, and bending phenomena. However, this method lacks sufficient support and is not stable to use.
The vertical mounting method can solve this problem well, but it is a challenging thing to combine with water cooling accessories, EK has solved all the problems that may arise through the unique design.

Currently, the EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder EVO – Gen4 Riser is available through the EK webshop and resellers for a suggested retail price of EUR 135.90.