Eclipse 4.7 Oxygen officially released! Bring a lot of updates


Eclipse 4.7 Oxygen official version has been released. Update the content is very much to see the attention of the update:

Eclipse Platform


  • Added an easy-to-extend generic text editor
  • The editor can now read the patch and diff files, providing syntax highlighting when opening a file with a .patch or .diff extension


  • Can open the image file in the Eclipse IDE, support png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, and ico format


  • Improve the Ctrl + E command, use Ctrl + E this group of shortcuts to list and filter all open editors. If you select a view in the editor area, this set of shortcuts can also be used. You can also use the wildcard filter list and use the mouse or keyboard to select the editor. In the new version, you can press  Ctrl + E to scroll through the list again.


Editor, in addition, including debugging, views, dialogs, toolbars, preferences, themes and styles and many other updates

Java development tools

Java 9

Support for building Java 9 applications. Java 9 specification has not been released, so its support is not integrated into the standard download package, Eclipse support for Java 9 (BETA) includes the following:

  • Add JRE and JDK 9 as JRE
  • Support JavaSE-9 execution environment
  • Use JRE or JDK 9 to create Java and plug-in projects
  • Compile modules that are part of a Java project

Java editor

  • Insert braces automatically at the right place. Java> Editor> Typing> Automatically insert at correct position> Braces This option is enabled by default . In the need for braces will be automatically inserted.


  • Default values for annotation type elements in Javadoc: default values for annotation type elements are now suspended in the Javadoc view


    • const The keyword can now be placed on the left or right side of the declaration specifier, where you can set it: Preferences> C / C ++> Code Style.


In addition, including Java views and dialog boxes, Java compiler, debugging, JUnit and other content updates.

C / C ++ development tools

Code analysis

  • GCC builds quick fixes that have been quickly fixed for various build errors generated by the GCC compiler. Such fixes include: missing semicolons


Support C ++ 14 new language features:

This update is more, please refer to the release of the home page.


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