Eclipse 4.7 Oxygen 1.RC 3 released


Eclipse 4.7 Oxygen 1.RC 3 released. The major updates since version 4.7 are as follows:

Eclipse Platform


  • Added easy-to-extend generic text editor
  • The generic editor now reads patches and diff files


  • The image opens in the Eclipse IDE


  • Editor selection dialog: all used


Java development tools

Java editor:

  • Insert braces automatically at the right place. Java> Editor> Typing> Automatically insert at correct position> Braces This option is enabled by default . It will be automatically inserted when braces are needed.


  • The text is escaped when pasted into the string literal


  • Quick fix movement type annotation


Platform and Equinox new API

new features of plug-in development tools

To learn more about Oxygen updates, follow the release page.


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