Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

Dutch politician faces three years in prison for hacking iCloud account and leaking nude photos

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Recently, Dutch prosecutors demanded that a judge sentence a three-year prison sentence to a local politician who had hacked into more than 100 women’s iCloud personal accounts, stealing and leaking explicit photos and videos. The victims include acquaintances and local celebrities, such as Dutch YouTube star Laura Ponticorvo and Dutch hockey star Fatima Moreira de Melo.

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Authorities revealed that he searched for leaked documents from the publicly disclosed data breach address, obtained the iCloud account of the female victim, and then he began searching for and downloading sexually explicit content and leaked it online.

After the leaked sexually explicit photos of Dutch YouTube star Laura Ponticorvo, it caused a lot of sensation in the Dutch media, which triggered an investigation by the authorities. The law enforcement agency tracked the hacker, attacked his home, and arrested him. He will be sentenced on December 24 as part of a pre-sentence procedure, with Dutch prosecutors requesting a three-year prison sentence.

Via: ZDNet