Mon. Apr 6th, 2020

Dundee and Angus College suffers cyber-attack

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Dundee and Angus College in the United Kingdom suffered a cyber attack, which caused the computer system of its college to be shut down. The college ’s president issued a statement saying they did not consider it to be a targeted attack, and most likely a “prank” of students.

At the same time, the principal said that in order to help the system repair to minimize interference, the campus network system will be temporarily closed to all students, but open to all employees.

In response, Jake Moore, a cybersecurity expert at ESET, a Bratislava cybersecurity company in Slovakia, said that although there is no evidence to prove that the attack was carried out by students, due to a large number of students studying computer science, Campuses are often high-risk targets for such attacks.

combat cybercrime

Many students usually test their technical level through similar attack behaviors or try newly learned malware, and even worse, they may attack the school for things like modifying grades. But for whatever reason, this type of attack is a crime! It is, therefore, necessary to strengthen the formulation of bills to curb similar behavior.

Moore also stated that if a student has excellent professional skills, but wastes his potential with unlawful pranks, this is a pity for both the student and the society. Therefore, the education of students in this area should be strengthened. In addition, colleges and universities need to regularly test their backup processes and test how quickly they can return online after ransomware attacks to ensure optimal protection.

Via: informationsecuritybuzz