Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

DOSBox 0.74 releases: Open Source DOS emulator

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After a lapse of six years, DOSBox released a maintenance update version of 0.74. DOSBox is a simulated X86 machine that integrates with a DOS system and can run old DOS games. This simulator allows you to control the speed of old games and simulate old hardware such as sound cards and graphics cards, regardless of the operating system. This integrated DOS system also allows you to launch the game directly without having to install DOS on the virtual machine.

Changelog v0.74

Windows: Fix auto/max cycles algorithm on Windows 7, which helps with stuttering audio.
– Mac OS X: Bring a 64-bit version and improve performance.
– Linux: Fix the 64bit dynrec cpu core and a lot of compilation problems. Add patches for the Wine Team.

– Rewrite auto/max cycles algorithm to work better with windows 7, other OSes might benefit as well.
– Update 64bit recompiler to work on OSX and Linux.
– Several improvements to make the recompilers work with newer compilers and add some workarounds about clang confusing itself.
– Fix several variables being the wrong size in the recompiler.
– Support absolute 64 bit addressing. (DRC:64 bit error messages)
– Zero extend data in dynrec core for LLVM compilation/
– Reduce overhead of the Mac version with a lot. Results in a speed increase.
– Replace NV_PixelDataRange with the more common ARB_PixelBufferObject extension. Should help with output=opengl.
– Reuse graphics window if possible instead of always creating a new one!
– Add patches to work better when called by WINE:
– support WINE style namemangling.
– allow Z:\ to be moved to a different drive.
– Try to fix stuttering audio with opengl output on Linux. (or at least improve it. Linux users might need to increase the prebuffer option a bit)
– Fix automake and autoconf problems.
– Fix problems related to packed struct layouts.
– Fix compilation on gcc 4.4 and gcc 4.6.1.
– Fix compilation with -DPIC.
– Hopefully fix crash on shutdown, when unknown condition is encountered.
– Fix -lto with gcc.
– Fix clang compliation with asm fpu core.
– Fix mapper crash on startup and when changing the mapper key.
– Fix compilation in VS2015.
– Fix compilation on mingw64.
– Fix compilation on Frisbee and newer clang.
– Fix compilation machines that have X11 libraries installed, but use a SDL without X11.