Django 1.11.4 release, Python Web framework

Django is a web application framework from the Django Software Foundation which aims to make the creation of database-driven websites easier. Written in the Python programming language, it focuses on the ability to reuse and easily plug in components.
Its features include a cache system, unit test system, test server, administrative interface, and tools to assist with creating RSS feeds.
Django is released under a BSD license and is named after the guitarist Django Reinhardt.
More information on Django can be found on the Django website.

Change log v1.11.4

  • Fixed a regression in 1.11.3 on Python 2 where non-ASCII “format“ values for date/time widgets results in an empty “value“ in the widget’s HTML
  • Fixed “QuerySet.union()“ and “difference()“ when combining with a queryset raising “EmptyResultSet“
  • Fixed a regression in pickling of “LazyObject“ on Python 2 when the wrapped object doesn’t have “__reduce__()“.
  • Fixed crash in “runserver“’s “autoreload“ with Python 2 on Windows with non-“str“ environment variables.
  • Corrected “Field.has_changed()“ to return “False“ for disabled form fields: “BooleanField“, “MultipleChoiceField“, “MultiValueField“, “FileField“, “ModelChoiceField“, and “ModelMultipleChoiceField“.
  • Fixed “QuerySet.count()“ for “union()“, “difference()“, and “intersection()“ queries.
  • Fixed “ClearableFileInput“ rendering as a subwidget of “MultiWidget“ . Custom “clearable_file_input.html“ widget templates will need to adapt for the fact that context values “checkbox_name“, “checkbox_id“, “is_initial“, “input_text“,“initial_text“, and “clear_checkbox_label“ are now attributes of “widget“ rather than appearing in the top-level context.
  • Fixed queryset crash when using a “GenericRelation“ to a proxy model


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