Sun. Aug 9th, 2020

Dell released a patent on a foldable PC

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Dell was exposed a year ago to develop dual-screen collapsible Windows 10 devices, and Dell’s patents on dual-screen folding devices confirmed this. Recently in a new patent submitted by Dell, we found a new hinge design, the device will have a visible gap when it is closed to the inside, and it is speculated that there will be two screens on the inside, just like Samsung’s foldable PC.

The patent also includes a design that allows the device to be folded without a gap.

Here we see that the screen border can help the device fold by the movement of the roller, and the design also prevents the device from being damaged due to folding.

Figures 22A and 22B show the assembly design of the device in a closed state. A side view of the roller that assists in folding the device is also illustrated. The patented product is expected to be released in the second half of 2020 and will be powered by Windows 10X.

Via: Windowsunited