The Debian 9 installation has a bug and the developer is fixing it


Debian 9 released the official version of the two days ago, many users are ready to download and experience the new version. However, according to foreign media reports, Debian 9 all the mirror seems to have a bug. When you try to install it using the graphical installer, an error message is displayed:

“There was an error reading data from the CD-ROM. Please make sure it is in the drive… Failed to copy from CD-ROM, retry?”

Debugging will be found, the reason seems to be the following error message in the log file. Setup can not find libzlo2-2-udeb_2.08-1.2 + b2_amd64.udeb package:

cdrom-retriever: error: Unable to find `/w/work/free/gnomepool/main/libl/libzlo2-2-udeb/libzlo2-2-udeb_2.08-1.2+b2_amd64.udeb`

The same error was found when trying to download Debian 9 GNOME Live. Other users on the Debian forum have also identified all other Debian mirror issues. GNOME, KDE, LXDE, XFCE, Cinnamon .. All Live images are affected.

The Debian developer has confirmed this bug and said it is being repaired. They created an ID # 865015  bug report on the Debian Tracker to track the problem, grading as serious.

According to Debian developer Steve McIntyre, the real reason for this bug is:

The Packages files in the image point to .debs using full path, not relative to the stuff in the image.

The developer are testing a fix, and if it goes well, all the mirrors of Debian 9 will be rebuilt. 

Reference: fosspost

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