Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

Data breach at P&N Bank in Australia

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P&N Bank, the largest bank in Western Australia, suffered a cyberattack, a data breach occurred, and personal information and sensitive account information in its customer relationship management system were exposed.

The information exposed includes customer name, age, residential address, email address, phone number, customer number, bank account number, and account balance. It is unclear how many customers have been affected.

It is understood that P&N Bank is a division of Police & Nurses Limited, which operates in Western Australia and is the largest bank currently owned and managed by Western Australia. Operating in a mutual model, P & N Bank provides retail banking services such as savings and loan products, insurance and financial planning services. It has a network of 14 branches in Western Australia, as well as a Perth-based contact center, online banking facilities and is a national Part of the RediATM network.

P&N Bank sent an email to users after the incident to notify the breach and stated that because its core banking system is completely isolated and separated from the affected systems, customer passwords or credit card details do not leak

Currently, the bank said it has closed the source of the vulnerability immediately after the incident and is working closely with the Western Australian Police, third-party IT providers, regulators, security experts, and relevant federal authorities to further investigate and protect customers from any form of attack.

Via: ZDNet