Cphalcon 3.3.1 release, PHP C extension Web framework


Cphalcon 3.3.1 has been released, Cphalcon is an open source Web framework, as the PHP language C extension, which provides higher performance and lower resource consumption.


  • Low overhead
    Low memory consumption and CPU compared to traditional frameworks
  • MVC & HMVC
    Modules, components, models, views, and controllers
  • Dependency Injection
    Dependency Injection and Location of services and it’s itself a container for them.
  • Rest
    In this case, you can use either a micro or full stack application to meet your goal. In addition, a powerful set of HTTP helpers.
  • Autoloader
    Provides the autoloading mechanism of PHP classes following PSR-4.
  • Router
    Phalcon\Mvc\Router provides advanced routing capabilities.


  • Fixed a boolean logic error in the CSS minifier and a corresponding unit test so that whitespace is stripped #13200
  • Fixed default Volt filter #13242#13244
  • Fixed Phalcon\Validation\Validator\Date to return code in validation message


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