Common Challenges Android App Developers Face

Common Challenges Android App Developers Face

Games have always been one of the driving forces behind software development. It’s also related to the hardware, graphics, and input methods. The mobile segment is no different from the computer segment. Users have always been and will be the ones who set the rhythm. The development of games for the Android platform has long been a powerful marketing tool for small firms and large companies.

The ever-growing popularity of mobile games has transformed them from simple entertainment into powerful advertising campaigns, made by the game development company. A well-designed game program – unobtrusive advertising with the ability to achieve high results with minimal waste of time. Game programming is a rather laborious process. It requires a professional and creative approach!

Reasons to choose android game development

The process of developing a game application is carried out taking into account the characteristics of the company. The reflection of the distinctive features of the company in the application plays the role of hidden advertising. It remains in the subconscious of the user. This makes the development of games for android or ios by character design agency the best mechanism to increase brand awareness.

Interesting interface design combined with addictive gameplay of the application allows attracting the users. Original game mechanics contribute to user retention and growing income.

Android game development is one of the most popular trends in modern game development. It’s related to both large companies and indie studios. There are several reasons. Firstly, high profits from mobile projects, and secondly, the ability to use unusual functions of smartphones to implement unusual gameplay mechanics. A prime example, Pokemon GO, which just blew up the market a couple of years ago.

Features of creating games on android by an android game development company

The creation of games for mobile devices, similarly to other areas, requires a thorough study of the design doc, which contains a detailed description of the following elements of the game:

  • object models,
  • functional specifications,
  • game content,
  • interface.

Working on game projects for mobile devices requires special knowledge and skills from the game development company. First of all, this concerns special software used to create games for Android.

What awaits you in the case of developing games for Android? This is a win-win option that will:

  • expand the target audience of the firm;
  • to form a positive attitude of users towards a new product;
  • advertise a product or service without spending additional funds.

Ordering the creation of games for Android is an opportunity to increase the company’s sales, interest the consumer, conduct a high-quality announcement.

Android game creation software

Before starting development, you must choose the most suitable game engine or constructor for solving the tasks at hand.

When developing games for a mobile device on the Android platform, the following engines are most often used to create games:

  1. Unity 3D. A universal constructor. It provides the ability to use the full desktop functionality for work. Unity also has several built-in options for optimizing applications. The engine has established itself well among mobile game developers.
  2. Unreal Engine 4. Another universal engine that is also suitable for developing high-budget projects for Android. The functionality is no different from the desktop version. Recently, more and more projects have appeared on it. Especially strategies, since Unreal is a little better at handling identical objects.
  3. Game Maker or Game Maker Studio. Both constructors allow you to create games for Android in different genres, offering a wide range of ready-made locations, characters, objects, and sound effects. Game scripting is done using built-in GML, which makes it easier to develop with a lack of programming knowledge.
  4. Clickteam Fusion Developer is designed to create 2D games, and not only experimental but also full story products. This design program is as easy to use as possible and allows you to learn to understand the logic of creating games.
  5. Construct 2 is used to create 2D games (mainly in the genres of adventure and shooters). The program contains a large number of tools and utilities, easy to learn due to a user-friendly interface.


Mobile gaming has transformed the gaming industry from an underground interest in a hobby enjoyed by billions of people around the world. The rise in popularity of games has also changed the games themselves. Users have become more demanding, and therefore developers need to work hard to surprise the audience. This makes them make games more fun, beautiful, and enjoyable.

Good game development apps will help you stay tuned and create innovative games that challenge your users.