Cmake 3.11.4 release, Automated build system


CMake 3.11.4 has been released, CMake is a cross-platform automated construction system that uses a file called CMakeLists.txt to describe the build process and can generate standard build files such as Unix Makefile or Windows Visual C ++ projects/workspaces. The file CMakeLists.txt needs to be written manually, or it can be semi-automatically generated by scripting. CMake provides a more concise syntax than auto config.


  • Brad King (2):
    • Windows: Restore support for running CMake through a symlink
    • CMake 3.11.4
  • Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (1):
    • ExternalProject: Fix cache generation when args end with “-NOTFOUND”
  • Matt McCormick (1):
    • ExternalProject: Improved URL_HASH parameter description


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