CMake 3.9.2 release


CMake 3.9.2 was released, CMake is a cross-platform automated build system that uses a file called CMakeLists.txt to describe the build process, which can produce standard build files such as Unix Makefile or Windows Visual C ++ projects/workspaces. The file CMakeLists.txt needs to be written manually, or it can be semi-automatically generated by scripting. CMake provides a more concise syntax than auto config.

Change log

  • InstallRequiredSystemLibraries: Factor redist name into variable
  • InstallRequiredSystemLibraries: Find VS 2017 Update 3 redist directory
  • macOS: Revert default Hi-DPI support in applications
  • Ninja: Fix support for MSVC with non-English output
  • Xcode: Revert addition of “outputPaths” to custom command build phase
  • cmCPackDragNDropGenerator: Add missing include
  • cmake: Fix –find-package mode with imported targets
  • Genex: Fix TARGET_PROPERTY value of SOURCES
  • Android: Update for NDK r16
  • FindBoost: Revert “Simplify search in lists.”
  • InstallRequiredSystemLibraries: Add support for future VS 2017 toolchains
  • Tests: Fix RunCMake.GeneratorExpression to run in CMake 3.9
  • CMake 3.9.2


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