CMake 3.9.1 release: tools designed to build, test and package software

CMake 3.9.1 was released, CMake is a cross-platform automated build system that uses a file called CMakeLists.txt to describe the build process, which can produce standard build files such as Unix Makefile or Windows Visual C ++ projects / Workspaces. The file CMakeLists.txt needs to be written manually, or it can be semi-automatically generated by scripting. CMake provides a more concise syntax than auto config.

Change log

  • Bj√∂rn Esser (2):
    • Utilities/Sphinx: Restore compatibility with Sphinx pre-1.2
    • Help: Silence warning about document not included in toctree
  • Brad King (8):
    • UseSWIG: Fix when Java is enabled as a language
    • VS: Fix VCTargetsPath detection
    • Android: Fix support for CMAKE_SYSROOT without CMAKE_SYSROOT_COMPILE
    • expat: Update script to get Expat 2.2.3
    • expat: Update CMake build for 2.2.3
    • Tests: Simplify RunCMake.find_package PackageRoot case regexes
    • find_*: Disable the PACKAGE_ROOT search path group for CMake 3.9
  • Chuck Atkins (3):
    • find_package: Add missing PACKAGE_ROOT_PATH search path implementation.
    • find_package: Fix PACKAGE_ROOT test to check find_pacakge(CONFIG) mode.
    • find_package: Split PACKAGE_ROOT tests to work with smaller regex
  • Craig Scott (1):
    • FindJava: Allow early access version trailing string to be mixed case
  • Cristian Adam (1):
    • FindBoost: pop policy stack before returning
  • Expat Upstream (1):
    • expat 2017-08-02 (97c6bd01)
  • Laurent Rineau (1):
    • server: Fix crash on missing cache entries
  • Rechi Rechi (1):
    • FindJava: fix hint for windows jre 1.6
  • Ruslan Baratov (1):
    • Help: Fix module and function names in CMP0069 examples
  • Sebastian Holtermann (1):
    • Autogen: Always create AUTOMOC/AUTOUIC include directory


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