CKEditor 4.8 release, visual HTML editor


CKEditor 4.8 has been released.

Important Notes:

New Features:

  • #933: Introduced Balloon Toolbar plugin.
  • #662: Introduced image inlining for the Paste from Word plugin.
  • #468: [Edge] Introduced support for the Clipboard API.
  • #607: Manually inserted Hex color is prefixed with a hash character (#) if needed. It ensures a valid Hex color value is used when setting the table cell border or background color with the Color Dialog window.
  • #584Font size and Family and Format drop-downs are not toggleable anymore. Default option to reset styles added.
  • #856: Introduced the method. It converts a keystroke into its string representation, returning every key name as a separate array element.
  • #1053: Introduced the method. It allows to merge two objects, returning the new object with all properties from both objects deeply cloned.
  • #1073: Introduced the method. It invokes a given test function on every array element and returns true if all elements pass the test.

Fixed Issues:

  • #796: Fixed: A list is pasted from OneNote in the reversed order.
  • #834: [IE9-11] Fixed: The editor does not save the selected state of radio buttons inserted by the Form Elements plugin.
  • #704: [Edge] Fixed: Using Ctrl/Cmd + Z breaks widget structure.
  • #591: Fixed: A column is inserted in a wrong order inside the table if any cell has a vertical split.

For more details, please refer to the Release Notes.



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