Chromium Microsoft Edge will ship with Bing Translator this month

Chromium Microsoft Edge Bing Translator

Image: Reddit

Recently, some Microsoft Edge Canary users have found that they can use the built-in translation feature in their browsers. Subsequently, Microsoft developer Amitkun confirmed in the official forum that it is expected to be rolled out to all Edge users by the end of this month.

The Microsoft Edge browser does not have a built-in translation feature (Microsoft Translator) and requires an official extension to be installed in the app store. After switching to Chromium, Google Translate becomes a regular choice for users. But with Microsoft’s recent closure of a series of Google services, Chromium Microsoft Edge has finally moved to Microsoft Translator service.

Image: Reddit

As shown in the screenshot, users can request translations in the Language Settings and can turn translations on or off in the Chromium Microsoft Edge browser. Like Chrome, the new Edge browser also displays an icon in the address bar to launch the translation engine and immediately translate the page into the desired language, usually the browser default language.

It should be noted that the current translation tool is only available in the Canary version, and it is expected to wait until early May in the Dev version.