September 27, 2020

Chromium Microsoft Edge has richer PDF and other features

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Since the announcement of the Chromium kernel, Microsoft has introduced many improvements to the new Edge browser, demonstrating better interoperability, cross-platform support, and faster updates to preview users. Currently, Microsoft is developing a series of new features and improvements for Chromium Edge, such as richer PDF support. Previous accessibility support was limited to text reading, but users were unable to get and call links on PDFs or to identify images in PDF documents.

Chromium Microsoft Edge for ARM64

In the recent release of the new version, Microsoft brought the above improvements: “This change modifies the existing PDF interfaces to send data for links and images. This extends the existing pipeline to accommodate links and images which is part of the larger effort to make links and images accessible in PDF.”

Microsoft has also revealed how this feature is being implemented in Chromium:

  • Setting up inline reading order for links and reverse images along with text.
  • Identifying links and passing link information to the AxTree in the browser process.
  • Passing invoke actions on links down to the plugin process.
  • Identifying images and passing image information to the AxTree in the browser process.
  • Providing alternate text for images for the ones where it is present.
  • Implement scrolling of text and controls to take care of scroll alignment.

Last month, Microsoft also brought a new color picker for Edge Canary and Chrome Canary. The legacy color picker only supports the HEX and RGB color formats, but Microsoft introduced support for the HSL color format. The user can switch between HEX, RGB, and HSL by clicking on the format toggler. The current HSL color format has been enabled in Edge, but Chrome Canary is currently limited to HEX and RGB color formats.

Finally, Microsoft brought support for OpenXR Gamepad for Chromium Edge. Developers can build and test a custom version of Chromium with the Mixed Reality OpenXR Developer Preview installed from the Microsoft Store app store.

Source: windowslatest