November 26, 2020

Chromium Microsoft Edge for Linux is available

2 min read

Microsoft not only released the Windows 10 20H2 RTM version a few days ago but the long-planned Chromium Microsoft Edge for Linux has now begun testing.

The Microsoft browser launched for the Linux system is also based on the Chromium kernel, which can bring many functions to users and improve the loading speed of web pages.

The beta version currently launched supports Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and OpenSUSE, and other versions are still being adapted.

Microsoft said that the company will bring a new beta version of the Linux system every week. After the test is completed, the platform versions will be updated and synchronized with new features.

If your operating system is supported, you can download the browser installation package from Microsoft now. The supported methods include installation package and command-line installation.

Then select the Linux DEB or RPM installation package in the version under the Dev development channel, download the installation package and directly open the installation and you can use it normally.

Developers can also click here to view the command line installation guide provided by Microsoft to install the Microsoft Edge browser from Microsoft’s official software repository.

Chromium Microsoft Edge for Linux currently only provides a Dev development test version. There is no stable version or Canary version.

The functions and updates of the developer beta version will be synchronized with the Windows version, so core rendering functions, extensions, development tools, etc. are all supported.

However, these versions do not yet support logging in to a Microsoft account to synchronize browser data, and Microsoft Edge for Linux currently only supports local account login.

Microsoft said that it will gradually support more features in subsequent changes, but users must save all data in advance if they uninstall the browser before receiving support.