Sun. Jun 7th, 2020

Chrome will add the ability for extensions to add items to the tab context menu

1 min read

Earlier, Google Chrome used the telemetry data to find that the “Close Other Tabs” in the right-click menu of the tab page was very low in usage and decided to delete it. However, Google Chrome has tens of millions of users worldwide, although the option usage rate of only 2% indicates that hundreds of thousands of users need to use this feature. It is also the case that many users complain that Google is free to delete the features that users need. After receiving a lot of user feedback, Google has restored this option in the latest beta.

In order to completely solve the problem, Google decided to open the right-click menu, and Google can still add or delete the right-click menu according to the user’s usage. For those who still need to use this type of feature, they can install the extension themselves and get additional support through extensions provided by third-party developers. This news was discovered by Reddit users in the ChromiumGerrit repository, but the current phase is simply to add the relevant code to the repository.