September 21, 2020

Chrome on Android supports DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH)

1 min read

The desktop version of Google Chrome has previously supported DNS over HTTPS encryption service, that is, all DNS query requests sent by users are encrypted through HTTPS. This helps prevent network operators and man-in-the-middle attacks from stealing user privacy.

Now the encrypted query service has also been pushed to the Android version of Google Chrome. If you upgrade the Android version of Google Chrome, you can check this option in the privacy service.

Google Chrome has hundreds of millions of users all over the world, and Google Chrome is also the default or optional browser product of the Android operating system in most regions.

That’s why Google is necessary for us to continue to improve the security of Google Chrome and to cover the functions such as DNS over HTTPS encrypted query to the Android system.

But for now, Google is gradually pushing this feature to users. Based on stability and performance considerations, this feature is not available for all Chrome users.

By default, the DoH function is directly enabled. If the user finds slow loading or other performance problems, you can manually turn off this option.