September 27, 2020

Chrome Dev and Canary versions have added Android’s “Nearby Sharing” function

1 min read

Google released the official “Nearby Share” function to Android at the beginning of last month. The working principle and usage of this function are exactly the same as Apple’s AirDrop function, which is very convenient.

On July 18, Google notified all Android OEM manufacturers that this feature needs to be pushed to all devices running Android 6 and above in August. In addition, this feature will also be pushed through Google Play service updates, so users can choose to update Google Play services to obtain this feature.

Recently, Google has pushed the “Nearby Sharing” feature to Chrome Dev and Canary versions. However, this feature has not been directly opened to users. If users want to use this feature, they need to go to chrome://flags/#nearby-sharing option is turned on.

After turning on this feature, you need to restart Chrome to enable this feature, and then go to the chrome://nearby page, you can see the devices that can currently transfer files to each other.

Via: techdows