Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Chrome Canary allows youe to removes all third-party cookies

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Google Chrome blocks cookies by default, and now, the latest version of Canary allows all third-party cookies and site data to be removed via the options on the Chrome://settings/siteData page. If the “Enable removing SameSite= None Cookies” flag is enabled, it will display the “Remove third-party cookies” button on the “All Cookies and Site Data available in third-party contexts” page, which will clear all available cookies and site data for third-party websites.

Here are the steps to get Chrome to show the “Remove Third-Party Cookies” option in Settings:

1. Ensure you’re using latest Chrome Canary 79.0.3933.1 or later

2. Visit chrome://flags/#enable-removing-all-third-party-cookies

enable removing samesite=none cookies flag

3. Select “Enabled” and restart the browser.

4. Now click on Chrome menu > Settings

5. Click on Advanced > Privacy and Security,

6. Click Site Settings > Cookies and Site data > See all cookies and site data or just visit “chrome://settings/siteData” page in the address bar

7. Click Remove Third-party cookies and click “Clear third-party cookies” to confirm.

Source: techdows