Chrome can be set to show or hide the Reading List button

Google Chrome has previously started to test a new feature called the Read Later, that is, users can add certain pages to the reading list and continue reading later when they are free.

This function is similar to browser bookmarks but focuses more on the reading list, and it is exactly this that you want to add a page to the reading list by clicking the bookmark button.

However, the pages in the reading list will be marked as read with a special function, so there is no need to categorize and constantly add and delete like browser bookmarks.

At present, Google Chrome has pushed this feature to the stable version, so users of the stable version will see the Reading List button on the far right of the bookmark bar after upgrading to the latest version.

Chrome Reading List button

After all, not all users use the Reading List button, so based on user feedback, Google Chrome is currently testing the new Reading List button in the Canary version.

When the user does not like or does not need the Reading List button, right-click the button to set it as hidden.

To restore, you only need to right-click on the taskbar again and check the Show reading list, so that it will not cause interference to users who do not use this function.

In fact, this function is also synchronized with Google Chrome for Android and iOS, so it can be added to the computer to read on the phone or vice versa.

Via: techdows