Chrome adds the read later function

Earlier, we reported that because the Chrome browser’s memory usage has always been large, engineers are constantly studying various methods that can reduce the Chrome browser’s high memory footprint.

Finally, engineers developed a caching mechanism called PartitionAlloc, which can greatly reduce the memory usage of the Chrome browser, which can reduce memory consumption by up to 22% compared to the previous one.

Not long ago, Google pushed this feature to the Chrome browser for Windows and Android and said it will push it to the Linux version soon.

Surprisingly, in addition to giving users such a useful new mechanism, Chrome version 89 also brings the “read later” function. The new “Read Later” function is available in Chrome 89.0.4389.0 for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

On Chrome,  just click the “star” button in the address bar, a small menu will pop up asking if you want to add this page to your reading list.

After that, the webpage will be added to the reading list, and then you can see a new list button “reading list” on the far right of the tab bar, and you can reopen the unread webpages after you finish your work.

Currently, this feature is being pushed in batches, so even if you happen to be running the latest Chrome browser version, you may not see this feature, but I believe it will not take long to see it.

Source: HTNovo | Via: mspoweruser