September 23, 2020

Chrome 84 released: bringing many updates for developers

1 min read

Chrome 84 released. This version has fewer feature updates directly for users, mainly improves developer tools and Web API updates. The following is a quick overview of the content:

App icon shortcuts

Application icon shortcuts allow users to easily and quickly start common tasks in the application.

Both desktop and mobile versions of Chrome and Edge support this feature. These shortcuts can be invoked by right-clicking the application icon on Windows and macOS, or by long-pressing the application icon on Android.

Web animations API

Chrome 84 added many previously unsupported features to the Web Animations API.
  • animation.ready and animation.finished have been promisified.
  • The browser can now cleanup and remove old animations, saving memory and improving performance.
  • And you can now combine animations using composite modes – with the add and accumulate options.