Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

Checkpoint Researchers show that fax machines can be easily attacked

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Checkpoint, an Israeli cybersecurity company, published an article about fax machine vulnerabilities at the annual Defcon hack in Las Vegas yesterday, called Faxploit. It found that the attacker needed a fax number to transfer the image or file, which the machine thought was the image, but was an image embedded with malicious code.

Check Point used the HP Officejet Pro 6830 all-in-one printer/fax machine to demonstrate this vulnerability, but HP released the patch before the results of the survey. But the problem is the fax protocol, and equipment from other companies may also be at risk. Since most modern fax machines are all-in-one devices connected to a home or office network, the malware payload sent by fax may be distributed throughout the connected system.

Check Point recommends that companies regularly check their integrated fax machines for available firmware updates and apply them as soon as possible. It also suggests placing the fax device on a separate secure network, but this can be inconvenient and limit its functionality. However, once unauthorized access is obtained, network segmentation can provide adequate measures to mitigate the next phase of network intrusion and limit the spread of attacks through lateral movement.

Source, Image: checkpoint