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Xbox Series X Development Kit

Microsoft Xbox Series X Development Kit Teardown

Recently, Gamers Nexus purchased an Xbox Series X development kit and disassembled it, which is a special customized platform for game development. The Microsoft Xbox Series X Development Kit obtained by Gamers Nexus has...

Steam Deck RX 6900 XT

User adds RX 6900 XT graphic card to Steam Deck

Valve’s Steam Deck, with the help of AMD RDNA2 architecture GPU, actually has relatively strong game performance on current PC handhelds, but the barely 60fps frame rate performance is obviously not enough to satisfy...

install Windows Steam Deck

Steam Deck already supports Xbox cloud gaming

The Linux handheld Steam Deck has been shipped before. Judging from the feedback from players, this product works well, which proves that Valve has done a good job in advance. Since its hardware base...