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Android 10 YouTube Music

Android 10 is pre-installed YouTube Music app

Google announced Friday that YouTube Music app will be pre-installed on all new Android 9 and Android 10 devices. Google said that on Android devices pre-installed with YouTube Music app, users can listen to...

Google Kotlin online course

Google launches Kotlin online course for free

Recently, we reported that Microsoft launched the Python online video tutorial for free called Python for Beginners, which provides learning materials for Python beginners. Coincidentally, Google recently announced two Kotlin free online courses. Just...

Android 10

Android 10 is rolling out One plus 7/7 Pro

OnePlus officially announced that OnePlus 7 & OnePlus 7 Pro is receiving Android 10 system update. The push is based on Android 10.0 OxygenOS, OTA will be launched in stages, on the 21st there...

Samsung Android 10 upgrade

Samsung Android 10 upgrade list leaks

Samsung is at all concerned about upgrading the new version of Android and usually launches a beta test project for more extensive testing before the official release. Although the Galaxy Note 10’s Android 10...

pixel 4 air gesture

Google will announce Pixel 4 on October 15th

Google plans to hold a hardware conference in New York City on October 15th to launch the next-generation smartphone Pixel 4. The invite says “Come see a few new things Made by Google.”

Android devices malware

Many Android Flashlight apps are requesting 77 permissions

Recently, the researchers released relevant reports and analyzed the permission requests issued by the Android flashlight application. The report shows that many of these applications issue permission requests that are not only numerous but...

fifth-generation Apple Watch

Apple launched the fifth-generation Apple Watch

The new version of the smartwatch is the Apple Watch Series 5 series. However, the new version of the Apple Watch does not have many bright spots. After all, the appearance is not much...

Vivaldi Browser Android

Vivaldi mobile version is available on Play Store

Vivaldi Technologies has released the first Android version of the Vivaldi browser, which is now available for download. The current Vivaldi mobile browser is beta and compatible with Android 5 and higher. In the...

Android 10

Google uploaded Android 10 source code to AOSP

Today, Google officially pushed Android 10 version, and the Pixel series of devices eat this Android version. According to the Android Open Source Project project, the source code of Android 10.0 is being uploaded...