Canonical: Ubuntu 32-bit version no longer available from Ubuntu 17.10

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Since May this year, the Ubuntu Desktop team has been thinking about removing the 32-bit (i386) installation from the server, and today developer Dimitri John Ledkov has finally given the exact answer. In short, since the beginning of Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark), Canonical will no longer provide the i386 architecture for the server and desktop platform ISO system image, but still, support the Ubuntu version, and Ubuntu Core, Cloud, Container, NetInst and Server (subiquity) provides security updates.

“Note that the Ubuntu 17.10 Beta and Final milestone versions will remove the Ubuntu Desktop i386 daily update image, so the 17.10 release will not be released for Ubuntu-desktop-i386.iso,” said Dimitri John Ledkov, a software engineer at Canonical.

Then foreign media contacted Lubuntu’s contributor and developer Simon Quigley, who said Lubuntu would continue to provide i386 images. In addition, similar to Xubuntu and other aspects of the old version of the device, may not give up in the short term i386 mirror.

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