Calibre 3.40.1 released, powerful open source e-book management software

Calibre python 3

calibre is a powerful and easy to use e-book manager. Users say it’s outstanding and a must-have. It’ll allow you to do nearly everything and it takes things a step beyond normal e-book software. It’s also completely free and open source and great for both casual users and computer experts.

  • Save time on managing your e-book collection
  • Use it everywhere and with anything
  • Comprehensive e-book viewer
  • Download news/magazines from the web
  • Share and backup your library easily
  • Edit the books in your collection
  • Satisfy every e-book need and get support
Calibre 3.39.1 released.


new features:

  • – title: “TXT Input: Use markdown 3.0 with support for new extensions such as code highlighting and smarten punctuation.”
  • – title: “Book details panel: Allow editing the identifiers for the book by right-clicking on the existing Ids.”
    tickets: [1815005]
  • – title: “Content server: Allow specifying custom URLs for the ‘Search the internet’ feature via Preferences->Sharing over the net->Search the internet.”
    tickets: [1810923]
  • – title: “Tag browser: Category editor: Add a checkbox to restrict the entries shown to only those present in the current Virtual library”
  • – title: “Allow adding files to selected book records from the clipboard. To use copy a file from windows explorer, right click the Add books button and choose: Add files to selected books from clipboard”
    tickets: [1815419]
  • – title: “Tag browser: When right clicking on a saved search add a menu option to search using the raw search expression.”
    tickets: [1816274]
  • – title: “Tag browser: Have pressing the Enter key find the next match.”
    tickets: [1816276]
  • – title: “Windows: Add a button to Preferences->Sharing over the net to set calibre to run when the computer starts”

bug fixes:

  • – title: “Fix a regression in the previous release that broke Copy to library and delete after when copying a duplicated book.”
    tickets: [1816224]
  • – title: “Edit book: Fix pasting of image from clipboard using (Ctrl-V) not working”
  • – title: “Content server: Fix {id} not working in the custom list template”
    tickets: [1818308]
  • – title: “EPUB/MOBI Catalogs: Fix presets not saving title and format information.”
    tickets: [1818838]
  • – title: “macOS: Respect the system setting for text insertion cursor blink time”
  • – title: “FB2 Output: Fix comments from the input document not present in the output.”
    tickets: [1815357]
  • – title: “calibredb: Fix adding books with an OPF file to a remote server not picking up the cover specified in the OPF file”
  • – title: “TXT Input: Fix option to remove indents at the start of lines breaking conversion of markdown documents.”
    tickets: [1814989]
  • – title: “EPUB/MOBI Catalog generation: Allow matching empty fields in exclusion rules.”
    tickets: [1814458]
  • – title: “EPUB/MOBI Catalogs: Fix multiple books with the same title but different authors in a genre not being listed.”
    tickets: [1415990]
  • – title: “Update the Get Books and metadata plugins to handle changes to the markup on the Amazon results page”
  • – title: “Version 3.40.1 fixes a bug in 3.40 that could prevent calibre starting when using a custom date column”

improved recipes:

– Scientific American
– Taipei Times
– Harpers Magazine
– General Knowledge Today
– Granma
– South China Morning Post
– New York Times (Web)
– China Daily
– “1843”
– Pro Physik
– Caravan Magazine
– Spektrum der Wissenchaft

new recipes:

– title: Quanta Magazine
author: lui1

– title: El Periodico Mediterraneo
author: benages