Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

caddy v2.1.1 releases: Fast, cross-platform HTTP/2 web server with automatic HTTPS

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Caddy is fast, easy to use, and makes you more productive.

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, Solaris, and Android.


  • Easy configuration with the Caddyfile
  • Automatic HTTPS on by default (via Let’s Encrypt)
  • HTTP/2 by default
  • Virtual hosting so multiple sites just work
  • Experimental QUIC support for those that like speed
  • TLS session ticket key rotation for more secure connections
  • Extensible with plugins because a convenient web server is a helpful one
  • Runs anywhere with no external dependencies (not even libc)

Changelog v2.1.1

Version 2.1.1 fixes a minor regression in v2.1 related to the CEL (expression) matcher, as well as eliminating the warning about pb.proto. Both regressions were unfortunately introduced by patch updates on dependencies. This version also adds support for placeholders in the query matcher, and a WIP/experimental map handler that will be finalized before 2.2.

6004d3f caddyhttp: Add ‘map’ handler (#3199)
77f233a caddyhttp: Corrected host label index check (fix #3502)
ddd690d caddyhttp: Support placeholders in query matcher (#3521)
d7dbf85 cel: fix validation of expression result type (#3526)