caddy 1.0.3 releases: Fast, cross-platform HTTP/2 web server with automatic HTTPS


Caddy is fast, easy to use, and makes you more productive.

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, Solaris, and Android.


  • Easy configuration with the Caddyfile
  • Automatic HTTPS on by default (via Let’s Encrypt)
  • HTTP/2 by default
  • Virtual hosting so multiple sites just work
  • Experimental QUIC support for those that like speed
  • TLS session ticket key rotation for more secure connections
  • Extensible with plugins because a convenient web server is a helpful one
  • Runs anywhere with no external dependencies (not even libc)

Changelog v1.0.2

This release uses Go 1.12.8 to patch the HTTP/2 implementation against the security vulnerabilities reported today.

One minor breaking change in Go 1.12.8 might affect some configurations that use service name in the port of their Caddyfiles, like so: – we’ve smoothed this over so the behavior of Caddy is the same but if you encounter any odd inconsistencies, switch to using numeric ports or proper URL scheme: either (recommended) or