Sun. Jun 7th, 2020

Brand new group messaging app Say for IOS launched

3 min read

The arrival of new technologies that are powered by the Internet has afforded users innovative means to communicate with one another. Whether the other party is just a house down the block or on the other side of the globe, nobody is too far away to communicate with. But as the need for constant and immediate communication through the Internet grows in a generation that is weaned on technology, so does the demand for reliable group communication applications that are able to bring a number of people together with the touch of a fingertip.

Say LLC has taken notice of that demand and has come up with an application that takes the tried and tested method of group video chat capability, and fine-tunes it further with Say for IOS. This kind of innovation allows you to communicate with several people that are in other areas, seeing and speaking to them as if they were right in front of you.

There used to be a time when this capability was reserved for the wealthy as it required expensive gear and sharp technical know-how.  Today, through apps like “Say”, the need for constant and immediate communication — whether it is with friends, family members, loved ones or even colleagues — is fulfilled with much efficiency, executed with just the tap of your fingertip on your smartphone. This is made possible with the advent of Voice over IP, which utilizes the IP infrastructure of the web to allow for communication unimpeded by the worry of any unnecessary cost.

Whereas your smartphones already have built-in options the moment you lay your hands on them, these aren’t always effective or reliable. Social media platforms on the other hand, also feature communication options. However, more often than not, these avenues offer the capability to share messages and not much else. Say app though, allow you to share your real passion with real people.

As mentioned above, group video chatting is a technology that has been around for quite some time now. But app developer Say LLC mas managed to augment it and tout the ability to effectively communicate with multiple people regardless of the disparity in distance or time zones. Through this novel app, users can share their ideas, engage in a healthy debate, plan their next moves or just basically share what matters to you to other people in one digital setting.

Are you excited to talk about the vintage automobile that you laid your eyes on the other day? Or are you itching to share your experiences traveling to a tropical country like the Philippines? Whether it’s about current events, culinary experiences, sports, fashion, beauty or basically anything under the sun, if it matters to you, mere texting is simply not enough. You have to do it face-to-face and the “Say” app gives you that precious opportunity to share important things with the people that matter.

The Say for Android app definitely heightens the level of communication between people, veering them away from just being able to exchange text messages, post photos, and comments, into an interactive realm that lets you tell people about the latest song that was released by your favorite artist or a workout method that is proving to be a huge difference-maker in your fitness journey.

Navigating through the app is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply open it, find a contact that you would like to communicate with and start a video conversation. You can also join one of the Say groups that are already chatting together. You can download Say for IOS from the APP Store.