Mon. Nov 18th, 2019

Bitdefender releases GandCrab ransomware decryption tool

1 min read

The development team behind the well-known ransomware GandCrab announced that it had made a profit of $2.5 billion. At this time, Bitdefender and the law enforcement agencies successfully found the decryption key of the GandCrab ransomware. It is still unclear whether other hacker organizations will modify and re-deliver GandCrab ransomware, so the current extortion threat still exists.

The decryption tool released by Bitdefender has supported GandCrab v5.2, and the victim can download and run this tool to decrypt files that have been strongly encrypted for free. The decryption tool was launched by a number of security and law enforcement agencies around the world, and law enforcement agencies, including Europol, are also focusing on ransomware. In the field of ransomware, GandCrab is undoubtedly the largest ransomware. At the peak, this ransomware even accounts for 50% of the ransomware market.