be quiet! launched the Dark Power Pro 13 series power supply

German manufacturer be quiet! has announced the launch of the Dark Power 13 Pro series of fully modular power supplies, designed to replace the existing Dark Power 12 Pro series.

The new power supplies are fully ATX 3.0 compatible and adhere to the power specifications defined by PCIe 5.0. They have achieved 80 PLUS Titanium certification, with a conversion efficiency of up to 94.5%, and standby power consumption of less than 0.1W, offering a forward-thinking approach to system building.

The Dark Power Pro 13 series features an aluminum enclosure and is based on full-bridge topology PFC, LLC, and SR digital regulation, reducing ripple noise and providing exceptional power regulation. Available in 1300W and 1600W models, they include two native 12+4 Pin PCIe 5.0 auxiliary power connectors (12VHPWR), offering up to 600W of power capacity, and six traditional 6+2 Pin auxiliary power connectors for full compatibility with graphics cards. An overclocking button allows users to switch the power supply from a multi-rail mode with six 12V rails to a single-rail mode for enhanced stability during extreme overclocking.

The Dark Power Pro 13 series features a frameless fan with a full mesh grille. The Silent Wings fan is positioned directly beneath the full mesh grille, surrounded by a funnel-shaped air intake for optimal airflow and top-notch cooling performance. The fan has a lower startup speed and is virtually inaudible at low to medium loads, eliminating the need for constant stopping and starting, thereby reducing the additional burden on components.

be quiet! has stated that the Dark Power 13 Pro series will be available for sale on May 23rd. The suggested retail prices for the 1300W and 1600W models are $419.90, $249.90, and $459.90, respectively. The manufacturer offers a ten-year warranty.