Barman 2.8 releases, PostgreSQL database backup tool

PostgreSQL database backup

Barman (backup and recovery manager) is an administration tool for disaster recovery of PostgreSQL servers written in Python. It allows to perform remote backups of multiple servers in business critical environments and help DBAs during the recovery phase.
Barman’s most wanted features include backup catalogs, retention policies, remote recovery, archiving and compression of WAL files and backups. Barman is written and maintained by PostgreSQL professionals 2ndQuadrant.

PostgreSQL database backup


  • Full hot physical backup of a PostgreSQL server
  • Point-In-Time-Recovery (PITR)
  • Management of multiple PostgreSQL servers
  • Remote backup of a PostgreSQL server
  • Remote recovery of a backup for a PostgreSQL server
  • Management of base backups and WAL files through a catalog
  • ssh support for remote operations
  • rsync over ssh support for file synchronisation and transfers
  • Management of retention policies for backups and WAL files
  • Incremental backup
  • WAL hub (get-wal)
  • Compression of WAL files (bzip2, gzip or custom)
  • Backup general and disk usage information
  • Integration with standard archiving tools (e.g. tar)
  • Local recovery
  • Relocation of PGDATA and tablespaces at recovery time

Barman 2.8 has been released.


Version 2.8 – 17 May 2019

– Add support for reuse_backup in geo-redundancy for incremental backup copy in passive nodes

– Improve performance of rsync based copy by using strptime instead of the more generic dateutil.parser (#210)

– Add ‘–test’ option to barman-wal-archive and barman-wal-restore to verify the connection with the Barman server

– Complain if backup_options is not explicitly set, as the future default value will change from exclusive_backup to concurrent_backup when PostgreSQL 9.5 will be declared EOL by the PGDG

– Display additional settings in the show-server and diagnose commands: archive_timeout, data_checksums, hot_standby, max_wal_senders, max_replication_slots and wal_compression.

– Merge the barman-cli project in Barman

– Bug fixes:

– Fix encoding error in get-wal on Python 3 (Jeff Janes, #221)
– Fix exclude_and_protect_filter (Jeff Janes, #217)
– Remove spurious message when resetting WAL (Jeff Janes, #215)
– Fix sync-wals error if primary has WALs older than the first backup
– Support for double quotes in synchronous_standby_names setting

– Minor changes:

– Improve messaging of check –nagios for inactive servers – Log remote SSH command with recover command
– Hide logical decoding connections in replication-status command

This release officially supports Python 3 and deprecates Python 2 (which might be discontinued in future releases).

PostgreSQL 9.3 and older is deprecated from this release of Barman. Support for backup from standby is now limited to PostgreSQL 9.4 or higher and to WAL shipping from the standby (please refer to the documentation for details).

Upgrade information

Users of rsync backup method on a primary server should explicitly set backup_options to either concurrent_backup (recommended for PostgreSQL 9.6 or higher) or exclusive_backup (current default) before upgrading to Barman 2.8, otherwise Barman emits a warning every time it runs.