Sun. Jul 12th, 2020

Australian teenagers attacking Apple servers will be exempt from jail time

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A few days ago, the Australian District Court began to investigate the attack of local student hackers. The student has repeatedly attacked Apple’s servers for several years.

Of course, the student also successfully broke into Apple’s server and downloaded hundreds of GB files. After being discovered by Apple, the company began to seek help from the police.

The boy is said to be an avid fan of Apple and therefore wants to attract Apple’s attention through the attack, but Apple issued a statement saying it did not disclose user data.

Despite this, many tech media still doubt the reliability of Apple’s claims, because files of up to hundreds of GB are unlikely to affect any users.


And this boy will be exempt from conviction and serving:

Although this is a criminal case, I have to say that I am very fortunate for this boy, because the teenager was only 16 years old when attacking the Apple server.

Therefore, the local court only sentenced the juvenile to a suspended sentence of eight months. It is also true that this teenager was successfully admitted to the university this year to start a new university life.

But in the attack, some individuals helped the teenager attack the Apple server, but the local court did not disclose any information about the person.

How to break into the Apple server:

The boy succeeded in breaking into the Apple server thanks to the help of his accomplices, and his accomplices helped the teenager write malicious scripts and successfully enter the Apple server.

Malicious scripts were then executed, and a secure connection channel was created allowing them to bypass the firewall and download data, and Apple found an exception at the end of 2016.

After the exception was discovered, Apple immediately blocked the vulnerability and prevented the teenager from continuing to access the server, but the teenager regained access in April last year.

Until Apple’s alarm, the US FBI and the Australian police arrested the teenager’s family. Apple always stressed that no user data was leaked.

Via: thehackernews