Attackers can bypass iOS 12 lock screen to access certain applications

Attackers can bypass iOS 12 lock screen to access certain applications

iOS 12 has been released for a week, so far, everyone is very positive about it – because it focuses on system performance improvements, rather than stacking new features as much as possible, so that old devices such as the iPhone 5s can be as fast as they can. However, in the face of hackers and “tricks,” iOS 12 has been exposed to bypass attacks that can bypass some of the built-in security measures – even if the exploitation conditions of these vulnerabilities are very demanding, it is essential to cause Apple Attention.

Earlier this week, Jose Rodriguez posted a video on YouTube’s channel that revealed a security vulnerability found on iOS 12. It successfully bypassed the iOS 12 Passcode lock screen and successfully performed the unauthorized access.

Although the operation limit of this attack is a bit strict, this vulnerability still makes the attacker achieve a specific purpose. It should be noted that this bypass attack seems only to affect devices that do not support the Face ID feature. In other words, the iPhone X/XS series survived this.

The video demonstrates how to bypass the Passcode lock screen and then access a user’s contacts, along with the accompanying call and email features—such as changing a photo of a particular contact’s avatar.

And for all this, it’s still Siri who has been ridiculed for many years. Even if the problem is not too serious, it is still worthy of the attention of Apple.

Source: BGR