ASUS Pro H610T D4-CSM motherboard launched: Priced at $112.99

Previously, ASUS launched a motherboard called Pro H610T D4-CSM, which has recently been listed on e-commerce platforms for $112.99.

ASUS Pro H610T D4-CSM is a product that supports the Intel Alder Lake platform. It adopts an H610 chipset, dual SO-DIMM slots, and LGA1700 slot, and is powered by an external 19V DC through the round hole on the I/O panel. It supports 12th-generation Core, Pentium, and Celeron processors, and models with a TDP of less than 65W have a lot of choices.

Although the chipset is positioned at the low end, the Pro H610T D4-CSM provides a PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSD slot directly connected to the CPU, two SATA 6Gbps hard drives can be connected externally, while the SO-DIMM slot supports DDR4 memory, and the display output interface has one DP and one HDMI, both of which support 4K@60Hz output, and equipped with a 7.1-channel Realtek integrated sound card, there is also a Gigabit Realtek network card interface, two USB 3.2 Gen2, and two USB 2.0 interfaces, reserved additional front USB interface, can expand up to seven USB interfaces and so on.

Unlike many ITX motherboard models that have the chipset + “I” suffix, the “T” is used due to the thin Mini-ITX specification.

Although it is the same 17 x 17 cm as the mini-ITX, the height is lower and it is designed for building a compact mini-computer or all-in-one computer, which also means that there will be more restrictions on the choice of CPU cooler. However, due to the improvement in the energy consumption ratio of Intel Alder Lake, the overall heat generation is lower. Compared with the previous LGA 1200 platform, it is obvious that the LGA 1700 platform is more suitable for building this type of system.