ASUS launches TUF GAMING TR120 ARGB series fans

In mid-2022, ASUS launched the TUF GAMING TF120 ARGB fan, featuring FDB liquid dynamic bearings and 16 built-in LEDs supporting ARGB programmable lighting effects. The three-pack version also includes a versatile fan controller, and our tests revealed excellent overall performance, making it a well-balanced ARGB fan in all respects.

Recently, ASUS has introduced a new addition to the TUF GAMING series—TR120 ARGB, now available on the ASUS official website. Compared to the TF120, this fan retains the 8+8 dual-layer matrix addressable RGB LEDs and features a unique light-transmitting design on the fan frame’s sides, with different patterns on each side—one side with double stripes and the other with a single stripe—offering richer lighting effects that users can customize according to their preferences.

To enhance the modern user’s installation experience, ASUS offers the TR120 ARGB in both standard and reverse blade versions, as well as in black and white color schemes, available in single and three-pack options. Unfortunately, the three-pack version does not include a fan controller, only providing an additional PWM splitter cable.

However, the TR120 ARGB fan’s thickness has been increased to 28mm, and its bearings have been upgraded from FDB to hydraulic. The maximum speed of the TR120 ARGB fan has been increased to 2000 RPM±10%, with noise levels remaining at 29dB(A). The standard blade version of the TR120 ARGB can deliver a maximum airflow of 77.4 CFM and 3.3mmH2O of air pressure, while the reverse blade version has slightly lower performance. Nevertheless, both versions offer improved overall performance compared to the TF120.