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Arch Linux 32-bit officially give up : download mirror no longer available


Today, the main light-weight, simple Arch Linux distribution officially ends Arch Linux 32-bit support, with all 32-bit images coming off the shelf by the end of this month. 64-bit processors have become ubiquitous and operating systems are giving up 32 bits, such as Apple’s iOS, such as Ubuntu, even though 64-bit on the Windows platform has become mainstream and many device drivers and software no longer support 32-bit.

In fact, at the beginning of this year, Arch Linux announced that it would gradually weaken the 32-bit support from March 1, and the 32-bit version will no longer be available in the monthly mirror.

Arch Linux 2017.02.01 became the last 32-bit mirror, and now the nine-month support deadline has expired, effective November 8.

By the end of this month, all 32-bit versions of Arch Linux installation images will be removed from the official website and will no longer be available for download in mirror and history archives.

If you still need the 32-bit version of Arch Linux, try the Arch Linux 32-bit made by community fans.

Reference: Softpedia

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