Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Apple’s foldable phone may look exactly like the Surface Duo

2 min read

Rumors that Apple is developing a foldable phone have been circulating for several years. Although Apple has never come forward and said that it is developing a foldable phone, we have also seen a lot of clues.

Recently, Jon Prosser, who has repeatedly exposed Apple’s new products, tweeted that Apple is still actively developing foldable phones, but it should be noted that Apple’s foldable phone is not a real foldable phone (similar to Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold), it is a dual-screen phone similar to Microsoft’s dual-screen device Surface Duo.

Similar to the Surface Duo, Apple’s foldable phone also has a shaft in the middle after unfolding. The shaft is cylindrical and made of stainless steel.

In addition, Apple’s foldable phones will be equipped with Face ID just like iPhones, but thanks to the smaller size of related components, they will be able to be foldable phones just like adding Face ID to iPad Pro. Adding Face ID means that Apple will integrate Face ID components into the frame of the foldable phone, and finally bring a foldable phone without bangs design.

Since Apple will really launch a foldable phone, we boldly predict that this phone will display the iPhone interface in a single-screen (if any) state, and display the iPad interface after expansion, which can greatly improve iPhone productivity.

Via: macrumors