Apple will pay iPhone 4s owners $15

More than 6 years ago, users from New York and New Jersey sued Apple because iPhone 4s users in the region found that after updating iOS 9, Apple deliberately slowed down the performance speed, resulting in a worse experience. After many years, Apple will agree to settle with iPhone 4s users in New York and New Jersey, paying $15 for each iPhone 4s user in those areas. It is understood that Apple’s slogan when it announced iOS 9 was “The most advanced mobile experience. Now even more so.”

Plaintiffs collectively filed the operative Complaint in this action alleging that the Class was harmed when consumers downloaded iOS 9 onto their iPhone 4S devices after being exposed to Apple’s allegedly false description of the new operating system. Plaintiffs contend that Apple misrepresented that iOS 9 was compatible with the iPhone 4S and would improve or “enhance performance” for its customers that downloaded the software update. Instead, Plaintiffs contend, iOS 9 significantly slowed down the performance of their iPhone 4S devices.

The plaintiffs believed that after updating iOS 9 with the iPhone 4s, the performance was degraded, so the slogan of iOS 9 was accused by them of false advertising. It’s been more than a decade since the iPhone 4s debuted, with iOS 5 for the first time and an update to iOS 9. According to macrumors reports, this time Apple will pay a total of $20 million in compensation for iPhone 4s users in the affected New York and New Jersey areas.