Sun. Jul 12th, 2020

Apple will pay $1 million bonus to vulnerability researchers

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Apple will provide cybersecurity researchers with up to $1 million in funding to encourage them to look for flaws in their iPhones, which is also the highest reward a company can offer to protect against hackers. Unlike other technology providers, Apple previously only offered incentives to invited researchers who tried to find vulnerabilities in mobile phones and cloud backups. At the annual Black Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas on Thursday, the company said it would open the process to all researchers and add Mac software and other detection targets.

apple bug bounty

“SF Apple Store”by signal11 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The $1 million bonus is only available for remote access to the iPhone kernel without any action from the phone user. Before, Apple’s highest bonus was $200,000. They will solve the problem through software updates after receiving the report and avoid exposing it to criminals.

Government contractors and brokers have paid up to $2 million for the most effective hacking technology, and they want to get information from their devices. However, Apple’s latest bonus plan is in the same range as some prices announced by contractors. Apple is taking other steps to simplify research, including providing some modified phones that have disabled certain security measures.

Via: thehackernews