November 26, 2020

Apple will hold an event for September 15th

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Yesterday, Apple updated Apple’s official website to list new Apple conference events. Of course, affected by the epidemic, the Apple conference was also held through online live broadcast. Therefore, Apple did not invite developers and media to participate as it did in previous years.

In terms of products, this event may focus on the iPhone 12 and its surroundings. According to previous news, the iPhone 12 may have multiple models and each model has a different size.

Of course, the 5G version of the iPhone 12 may also be the focus of everyone’s attention, but it is also possible that some models will be released in October instead of this conference.

The Apple logo used in the preview of the press conference is an AR content. If you use iPhone AR to scan, the content will be recognized as September 15th.

So the AR content this time should be the highlight of the conference. Apple has paid a lot of attention to AR in recent years. I don’t know what surprises there will be this year.

Via: theverge