Apple updates iCloud Passwords for Windows to support for 2FA settings

Apple released a new version of iCloud for Windows through the Microsoft Store recently. This update brings a useful new feature for Windows users. It is multi-factor authentication settings.

Apple’s password managers on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS already support 2FA settings. But the password management feature of iCloud for Windows does not yet support this feature, so Apple has now added this function.

Now users can use the new password manager through iCloud for Windows. Supported functions include adding account passwords, editing, copying, pasting, etc. Of course, deletion is also supported. If the iCloud user has saved the account password, it can also be synchronized in the iCloud for Windows version.

Users can either manage the current account password or configure 2FA when adding an account password. The process is similar to other password managers. Just copy and paste the setting code to generate the verification code, and save it after matching.
In addition, the iCloud password function on the Windows platform only supports Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and does not yet support Mozilla Firefox, so if you use Firefox, you have to do it manually.  iCloud for Windows is available for free on the Microsoft Store. It requires a PC running Windows 10 or later.
Via: 9to5mac